Elastic Band Peg

Elastic Band Peg

Continuing along my new favourite theme of;

  1. Using up my burgeoning stockpile of elastic bands

  2. Designing multi-component products that print in place already assembled

I’m pleased to share my Elastic Band Peg. Like theTripod Phone Gripper, the Elastic Band Peg nails my key design criteria for 3D printing. No support. No assembly. No finishing. No special components. Maybe I should publish this as my own design manifesto…

Enhancing social equality through shared manufacturing knowledge; a manifesto for accessible 3D printed designs.

By Sam Johnston.

With a title like that I think it’s safe to say that I’ve singled-handedly consigned Bauhaus to the dustbin of history…

Now back on topic, the key to this design is the integral hinge. The hinge tapers inward toward the outside of product so that the two halves can’t separate as shown in the section view below.


Photos don’t really do it justice, so check out this atypical Youtube video complete with sequenced electronic music to get the full rundown.

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A hallmark of good design is reflected in the simplicity. It’s easy to look at something like this and think “hey, that’s easy” but the design never starts here. I was inspired by many of the articulated print-in-place designs on Thingiverse myself, and now all want to do is see where this can take me.



Rental organisation with command adhesive strips & 3D printing

Rental organisation with command adhesive strips & 3D printing